15 December 2021

Visiting the ELSA 4 Well Testing Team, Through MWT

Jakarta, 15 December 2021 - Elnusa has held a virtual Management Walkthrough to ensure operations run safely and smoothly (09/12). This routine activity provides an opportunity for the Board of Directors and Management of Elnusa to take a closer look at the continuity of Well Testing operations.

Well Testing is a process to measure the ratio of oil, water and gas to monitor the performance of the well. There are 3 main jobs, namely, Offload, this is the most frequently used and can revive wells that are almost dead so that they can operate again. Second, Clean Up for supporting work. Third, the Production Test to see the productions of the wells and the adjustments produced by the wells.

At this MWT led by Director of Operations and Director of Business Development Rony Hartanto, and also present was VP of Supply Chain Management Elnusa Edy Efendy, VP of HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili, VP of Treasury & Financing Elnusa Yogi Firdaus, General Manager of Well Services Elnusa Eddy Hariyadie, along with other members of Elnusa's management.

Director of Operations and Director of Business Development Rony Hartanto conveyed the direction that in carrying out operations and running a business there are several important points, namely safety, ensuring that the delivery process to stakeholders goes well, then we must continue to grow by looking at the improvements made and the existence of change in a positive way by increasing the competence of human resources and increasing awareness in using assets.

"We need to make improvements, if there are improvements, they can be developed in a more positive direction. In addition to improvement, it is also necessary to do a business plan to ensure and increase the level of awareness," explained Rony.

In addition, VP of HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili, reminded us that at the end of the year you must increase awareness and stay focused, such as the operational risks of work due to weather conditions. Then prioritize asset maintenance so as not to risk the continuity of work.

In the ongoing discussion, the Board of Directors and the Management Team of PT Elnusa Tbk will physically review it directly to support improvements that need to be developed.

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