Vision, Mission & Value

Corporate Identity

Corporate Vision, Mission, Values & Culture

The Company Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture Are Regularly Reviewed To Ensure Their Applicability With The Recent Developments In The Company’s Business.The formulation of the Corporate Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture involves all related parties such as Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and Employees, and the interests of all Shareholders were all taken into account.

In line with developments in the business environment and challenges faced, the Company still assesses that the changed vision and mission in 2017 are still in line with the goals to be achieved in facing the dynamics and business challenges going forward. This vision and mission are still used in long term planning year 2023-2026 which has been approved by the Board of Commissioners and Directors, as follows:


"Reputable Energy Services Company by Providing Total Solutions."

  • Improve business sustainability and profitability in local and international energy industries  to meet shareholders’ expectations.
  • Fulfill and maintain customer satisfaction by providing Total Solution through synergy, operational excellence, HSSE and GCG principles.
  • Improve employees’ welfare and growth opportunities
  • Establish harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with  governments, partners, and communities.
Corporate Value

The Company aligns the Elnusa Value with the AKHLAK values which are derivatives of the main values or core values of State-Owned Enterprises which are used as the corporate culture of the Parent Company PT Pertamina (Persero).

The existing moral values are relevant to the Clean, Respectful, Synergy values previously adopted by the Company. Amanah and Loyal is an elaboration of Clean. Harmonious and Competent is an elaboration of Respectful. Meanwhile, Adaptive and Collaborative are elaborations of Synergy.



Memegang teguh kepercayaan yang diberikan



Membangun kerjasama yang sinergis



Saling peduli dan menghargai perbedaan



Berdedikasi dan mengutamakan kepentingan bangsa dan negara



Terus berinovasi dan antusias dalam menggerakan ataupun menghadapi perubahan



Terus belajar dan mengembangkan kapabilitas