29 November 2021

Virtual Safety Monitor in MGM Muara Laung through MWT Elnusa

Jakarta, November 29, 2021 - Elnusa consistently monitors the work operations of its officers through Management Walkthrough which this time was held at VHS MGM Muara Laung, Murung Raya Regency, Central Kalimantan Province (25/11). MWT is a form of concern and vigilance against the Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) factor in the Elnusa work environment.

The event was led by Director of Operations and Marketing Director Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), Nur Kholis and attended by HR Director and General and Finance Director, Tenny Elfrida, VP Director of HSSE, Ramon Arias Pili, Corporate Secretary of Elnusa, Ari Wijaya.

Nur Kholis in his direction said the main activity of EPN operations at MGM Muara Laung is distributing fuel and this work has great risks. "MGM Muara Laung is in a remote and difficult area to reach because it is a mining work area. VHS becomes a business unit where revenue and gross profit reach the 3rd largest contributor to EPN. The risk of oil distribution that can occur is oil spill, and this needs to be a concern for officers at the site. In addition, weather conditions and droughts are very influential on the distribution of oil due to the distribution on VHS using ships that depend on rivers.

Ramon Arias Pili also reminded that Perwira should be more focused and more orderly in running SOP. "Remind each other if there is an unsafe act and unsafe condition so that incidents do not occur. Be vigilant and maintain health protocols by implementing the main 5M because the Covid-19 pandemic has not been finished yet. Do the vaccine if there are personnel who have not been vaccinated, because the vaccine is one of the way to defense and prevent from being infected with Covid-19.

The management judged the performance of Perwira at VHS MGM Muara Laung was good enough. While there are some things that require follow-up such as coordinating requests for repairs and maintenance to the owner (MGM) if facility conditions, equipment, tank stacking are not good and considered less feasible because it can endanger EPN Perwira and Managers shall ensure the work is carried out with attention to safety aspects.

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