Vendor Held Stock (VHS)

The Availability of Fuel Supply is More Guaranteed

Elnusa comes with a Vendor Held Stock (VHS) solution, which is the management and delivery of Pertamina's fuel to the Buyers at their Fuel Receipt Facility through the VHS Facility managed by the Handling Agent. Elnusa’s scope of Vendor Held Stock (VHS) services includes the provision of transportation services, maintenance of facilities according to standards, and guaranteed availability of Pertamina's fuel supply at consumer-owned locations. VHS service facilities include the availability of storage tanks at the client's location, minor or major maintenance, to those of an investment nature (as stipulated in the agreement). At present, Elnusa has been trusted to serve several companies through VHS services, including Pertamina, Trakindo Group, Talisman, Gunung Bayan Resources and Holcim.