Trading in Industry & Marine Fuels

Effective, Efficient and Reliable

As a business entity holding a commercial business license (BU - PIUNU), Elnusa has more than five years of experience in selling, marketing and distributing non-subsidized fuel products. This experience is also reinforced by the well-established connections to all stakeholders, as well as the oil sales bundling system with the Loco, Franco, Vendor Held Stock (VHS) scheme, investment and storage leases, and the Fuel Management System (FMS). Trading in Industry & Marine Fuels is one of the services provided by Elnusa which includes buying, selling, marketing and distributing Non-Subsidized fuel products for sales across Indonesia. Elnusa has thus far provided these services to end-users and General Commercial Business License Holders within the Archipelago. In today’s digital era, the Industry & Marine Fuels Division is currently developing a system that facilitates the overall process of Marketing and Operational business schemes to be more effective, efficient and reliable in its operations.