28 July 2021

Townhall Meeting, Elnusa Introduce New Commissioners and Directors

Jakarta, 28 July 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) held a Townhall Meeting (27/07) which was relayed to all work areas of the Elnusa Group. This event was held as part of the introduction and direction of the new Board of Commissioners & Directors of Elnusa. As of July 21, 2021 at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS), Elnusa officially welcomed the new Commissioner, Wakhid Hasyim and the new Board of Directors, Rony Hartanto who replaced Arief Riyanto as Director of Operations concurrently Director of Business Development and Hery Setiawan who temporarily held the position of Tenny Elfrida as Director of Human Resources & General Affairs concurrently Director of Finance.

All Elnusa officers throughout Indonesia gathered virtually and several representatives of the work area also presented enthusiastic cheers in welcoming the new board of directors of the Company. The townhall meeting begins with the direction of the Board of Commissioners regarding the role of the Commissioner in the company. Elnusa's President Commissioner, Agus Prabowo, said, "Just let us know if there is an issue on the ground. We will open up, record, formulate and work according to our authority."

On the same occasion, the Board of Directors also described Elnusa's performance and strategy in 2021. Elnusa's President Director, Ali Mundakir gave a speech and invited Elnusa officers to continue the spirit of operation excellence and make HSSE a top priority. In addition, cost leadership, asset optimization strategies, business development, value creation, and organizational strengthening were also presented as the main things in facing Elnusa's future challenges. Ali hopes that the officers can continue to provide the best and work hand in hand for the benefit of the Elnusa Group.

The same spirit was expressed by the Director of Operations concurently Director of Business Development, Rony Hartanto in explaining HSSE performance and also Operational Performance per business unit in Semester 1 2021.

“Highest appreciation for the achievement of zero fatality and lost time injury. We still have work for the next 6 months to maintain this good performance, keep the spirit and remain optimistic for all Elnusa Officers and become the trending troops as stated by the President Commissioner who is agile and skilled, never gives up and does all the challenges faced to the maximum. ” he said.

Director of Human Resources and General Affairs concurently Director of Finance, Tenny Elfrida, also explained the Covid-19 Impact Report within the Elnusa Group and alerts to watch out for to avoid virus exposure as well as business portraits on financial performance and this Semester 1 Learning Hour Improvement Report. The achievement of Learning hours is one of the efforts to increase the capacity and capability of Elnusa Officers. "We hope that both officers and families will always maintain health protocols and immediately vaccinate so that herd immunity can be achieved immediately."

In the last session, Elnusa officers were allowed to ask questions with the Commissioners and Directors regarding the presentation. The Townhall Meeting was closed with a digital quiz and prizes for all Elnusa employees who attended this activity. On this occasion, the Board of Directors also gave special appreciation to the Elnusa Officers who were present to represent the work area.

Together, let's start the new spirit by burning the energy from our moment today as Elnusa Officers with AKHLAK, and realize One Determination, One Goal and One Elnusa.*

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