19 August 2022

The Synergy of Pertamina Hulu Energi with Elnusa in Increasing Work Safety Commitment

Jakarta, 18 August 2022 – To maintain the Company's commitment to ensure zero fatality and excellent K3 performance in every area of ​​operation, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme "Mitigation & Prevention of Finger & Hand Injury Free (HFIF) in Elnusa Operational Activities". The FGD event was held online and offline in Jakarta (18/8). Participants came from Elnusa's Subsidiaries, various Elnusa Functions such as Upstream Functions (GRS & OFS) and EPC-OM, Vice President Level, General Manager, Operations/Business Manager, Project Leader (Rig Superintendent, Party Chief, Chief Operator), Engineer, Field Supervisor, and HSSE, Asset Reliability & Productivity (ARP) Function, and HSSE Function. Present at the representative event of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE), Occupational Safety Asst. Manager Sandi Dumara, Director of Operations Elnusa Charles Harianto Lumbantobing, VP HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili, VP Upstream Services Elnusa Lulut Sugianto, and VP EPC&OM Services Elnusa M. Haithami Achmad.

There has been an increase in cases of HFI accidents or pinched fingers & hands in PHE's work area in the last 5 years and several HFI cases that occurred in Elnusa's work area in the last 3 years. Therefore, this FGD is intended as an effort to implement HFI mitigation and prevention programs based on perspectives, thoughts, ideas, and experiences from the operational side both at the Management level and Front Liners.

Elnusa Director of Operations Charles Harianto Lumbantobing welcomed the initiation of the FGD implementation as a form of management-level commitment to support the implementation of HSSE aspects in Elnusa's business operations. There have been several incidents, especially HFI, that have occurred in recent times. "We can take preventive steps against the occurrence of HFI. I hope that personnel who have great potential for HFI to occur in Elnusa's area of operation will be directly involved in this FGD. Find out what the causal factors are and determine who is responsible for the incident so that the HFI incident does not happen again in the future.” said Charles.

VP HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili added that this FGD moment was a very good opportunity to discuss all lessons learned from accidents that had occurred in SHU and Elnusa. “Our response from seeing an accident is very decisive for the formulation of what steps should be taken next. We also need to analyze whether there are things that are different from the general triggers when an accident occurs, and compare the safety concept in the textbook with the reality in the operating area. Our awareness is part of the effort to prevent the injury”. Ramon said.

On the same occasion Occupational Safety Asst. PHE Manager Sandi Dumara said that PHE appreciated the FGD organization. This agenda is positive because Elnusa is the first company to follow up on HFI within the scope of Subholding Upstream. “All incidents, both large and small, must be investigated to find out the root cause. Safety belongs to everyone. Hopefully, all officers can continue to be committed to prioritizing work safety.” Sandi said.

After the presentation of the material by SM HSSE Elnusa Agus R. Sutiawan regarding the results of the HFI investigation in Elnusa's operational activities and testimony sharing from injured persons. Then the event continued with group discussions and presentations on follow-up plans and improvements that must be made from the 4P (People, Paper, Position & Physical) aspects to prevent HFI in Elnusa's work area in the future. The event ended with the Signing of the Commitment and the Opportunity for Improvement (OFI). From this FGD, it is hoped that all operational strata will have more commitment, and understanding, and can continue the hand & finger injury prevention program that has been made.

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