13 March 2023

The Success of Elnusa's Human Resources & General Affairs Director Wins the Best Professionals Award

Jakarta, March 8 2023, Director of Human Resources & General Affairs of PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) Tenny Elfrida won the "Best Professionals" award in the 2023 Obsession Media Group (OMG) Award, which was held at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Bali Room. The award ceremony was held with the theme "United, Indonesia Rise and Move Forward". Presenting inspirational figures from various backgrounds and based on the commitment to giving appreciation to those who have spread inspiration to a wide audience.

Tenny Elfrida started joining PT Elnusa Tbk since 2003; she was recruited as a management trainee. His career continued to increase until he was trusted to become Elnusa's Director of Human Resources (HR) & General Affairs until now and previously held the position of VP of Human Capital Management at Pertamina (Persero). Of course, this award was achieved thanks to the HR management and development strategy that has been carried out to support improving the Company's performance.

The series of achievements made during 2022 clearly proves this award. At the Human Capital on Resilience Award 2022 event. Four awards were received by Elnusa, namely The Best Organization Structure, The Best Excellence in Workforce Flexibility & Mobility, The Most Resilience Company 2022, and The Best Leadership Development Focus on HC received by Tenny. Furthermore, at the Human Capital HSH Award, Elnusa also received the Best Role Model on Data Integration certificate. In addition, Elnusa also won the Best First-Time Manager Program at the Employee Experience Awards in Singapore.

Elnusa managed to close 2022 by posting a prestigious performance amid conditions of uncertainty due to global turmoil throughout 2022, which continued from the previous year as well as after the impact of the pandemic by posting a net profit of IDR 378 billion, growing substantially 248 per cent Year on Year (YoY). One of the keys to success is strong human resources. "Elnusa hopes to continue to advance in welcoming the coming years with even more optimism and armed with a performance that continues to grow supported by qualified and multi-talented human resources. Thus, Elnusa's dream of becoming an energy service company that can build national capacity with various achievements will be realized more quickly, "concluded Tenny.

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