Survey Seismic Marine (2D,3D & 4D)

Continuous Seismic Data Recording

With its current streamer technology, Elnusa also offers Continuous Line Acquisiton (CLA) techniques. It is a technique that continuously records seismic data, both in a straight line and when a ship turns towards the next line (line change). So, the survey being conducted can be more cost efficient and reduce HSE exposure. Elnusa comes with 2D, 3D and 4D seismic marine survey services, which involve seismic data collection in water areas. Combined with geological data, seismic data will provide a good picture of structure, thickness, sedimentation below the surface of the land. The scope of this service includes the provision of seismic data acquisition with broadband technology and efficient surveys that produce a seismic image that is generally better than standard seismic both in shallow and deeper reservoir targets which can be completed in a relatively short time. This service has been used by several companies and related institutions, including Repsol, Medco, Geological Agency, PHE, PEP, SOCO Vietnam.