Surface Well Testing

Optimal Detection of Production Capacity & Reservoir Characteristics

The service has for more than 10 years carried out exploration and exploitation works in Indonesia, for several large companies including Pertamina EP, Petrochina East Java, PHE Siak, PHE TEJ, Odira Energy, Kalimantan Kutai Energy, Radiant Bukit Barisan, Total, PHM, PHEWMO, Saka Energy and PHSS. Surface Well Testing is designed for industry players, especially in the oil and gas field, to support the survey before the start of production to determine the capacity of the well. The scope of this service consists of a series of works to determine the production capacity and characteristics of a reservoir. The strength of Elnusa in this service lies in the equipment for On-skid Onshore, Offshore Unit with DNV and DNV Compliance certification.