09 November 2023

Supporting Inclusive Education, Elnusa Holds Action to Spread Benefits to Special Schools

Jakarta, 9 November 2023 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading company providing energy services which is part of the Pertamina Upstream Subholding, carried out activities to spread benefits to special schools (SLB) intended for children with special needs (ABK) at the Nurasih Foundation in the area. Elnusa's subsidiary areas are PT Sigma Cipta Utama, PT Patra Nusa Data and Elnusa Warehouse, Ciputat District. South Tangerang City.

In this activity, Elnusa involves officers from various functions and subsidiary companies as volunteers to provide positive energy and assistance to students in overcoming the problems of friends with disabilities, getting to know the environment, planning for the future and also sharing joy, sharing and assisting in learning gross motor skills. so that students can be more enthusiastic and happy to have new friends who want to study together.

Elnusa Corporate Secretary, Asmal Salam explained, "There are various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs carried out by the Company, one of which is related to SDGs goal point four, namely ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and increasing opportunities for lifelong learning for all," said Asmal.

Asmal added, "It is hoped that by providing continuous support to this Special School it can provide optimal added value to balance quality education for children with special needs and develop their creative spirit to continue to overcome the limitations they face," concluded Asmal.

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