11 August 2020

Supporting EOR Research at Tempino Field-Jambi, Elnusa Sends Vibroseis

Jambi, 11 August 2020. Elnusa fully supports efforts to increase oil and gas production through Pertamina Group’s Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) research at Tempino Field, Jambi. This effort is a collaboration between the Research Technology Center (RTC), Pertamina EP Asset 1 and Elnusa.

This EOR vibroseis technology is one method of increasing oil and gas production. Vibroseis is used as a source of vibration from the soil surface so that it is expected to have an influence on the reservoir structure.

This support is the second time Elnusa’s role in EOR activities. Previously, Elnusa had supported EOR by using chemical polymer at Tanjung Field. This opportunity was a breakthrough as a new step for Elnusa to continue to synergize and collaborate with the Pertamina Group to help and support Pertamina’s commitment to increasing national oil and gas production.

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