09 September 2020

Support Pertamina (Persero), PT Elnusa Petrofin Held the Inauguration of SPPBE Gunung Sitoli Nias

Gunung Sitoli, 9 September 2020 - As an effort to increase energy security and help to succeed the LPG conversion program from the Government and Pertamina (Persero) in particular LPG in the Gunung Sitoli area of ​​Nias Island, PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), held the inauguration of the LPG Filling and Transporting Station (SPPBE) in Gunung Sitoli Nias City, North Sumatra Wednesday (9/9).

The inauguration of the SPBE was carried out by the President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin Haris Syahrudin, GM Marketing Operation Region I Pertamina (Persero) Gema Iriandus Pahalawan, Mayor of Gunung Sitoli Lakhomizaro Zebua, and was attended by Pertamina management representatives (Persero) MOR I, TNI POLRI Leaders and figures Local community.

The SPPBE building stands on an area of ​​4970 square meters, while the SPBE facilities and facilities owned and managed by PT Elnusa Petrofin consist of 3 LPG tanks with a capacity of 50 metric tons each or have a total capacity of 150 metric tons and have 12 filling machines. These facilities are used to provide filling services for 3 Kg LPG cylinders to LPG distribution agents who are partners of Pertamina (Persero).

Haris Syahrudin President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin in his speech said that the establishment of the Gunung Sitoli SPBE was a form of commitment from PT Elnusa Petrofin in carrying out the mandate of Pertamina (Persero) to maintain and serve LPG needs for Pertamina customers and society in general.

Haris added that his party also hopes that the presence of this SPPBE will be able to provide value, especially in terms of employment absorption from residents around the SPPBE location. "I also express my gratitude for the support from the local community and government so that the construction and operation of the Gunung Sitoli SPPBE can be carried out smoothly" he concluded.

Meanwhile, General Manager Marketing Operation Region I Gema Iriandus Pahalawan in his speech said that his party hopes that with the start of the SPPBE operation it can further increase the availability of energy, especially in serving LPG supply to be distributed by agents to people in the Gunung Sitoli area and its surroundings who become customers. Pertamina and have a positive impact on society, "he said.

The Mayor of Gunung Sitoli, Lakhomizaro Zebua, appreciated the steps taken by Pertamina (Persero) and Elnusa Petrofin with the operation of the SPPBE and he said that he was ready to support efforts to equalize energy carried out by Pertamina and its subsidiaries, especially in Gunung Sitoli and Nias Island.

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