Supply Chain Service

Solution for Comprehensive and Integrated Supply Chain

Elnusa comes with the Supply Chain Management service that includes Procurement Services and Logistics Services for industry players. The service is a way of obtaining goods or services that are part of the supply chain of some operational systems within the scope of PT Elnusa Tbk.

Procurement Services activities provide procurement services with a measurable Service Level Agreement using the integrated and Paperless Procure to Pay (P2P) System called SCM Online. Specifically, procurement has a role in the process of selecting the right partner, choosing and implementing the appropriate technology, managing the necessary data items and master data partners, as well as conducting the purchasing process including evaluating vendor performance.

Logistics Services activities particularly have a role in the process of procuring transportation services, both at home and abroad. It also covers the management of warehouses and inventory, ranging from ordering goods, management of material data masters, receiving goods, storing goods, handling of goods,

inventory management, delivering/distributing goods to users, standardization of warehouses, and management of the warehouse.

Several innovations have supported Supply Chain Excellence in addition to the paperless SCM Online, Elnusa’s Procurement also conducts strategic procurement with key partners by implementing Blanket Orders/Outline Agreements/Long-Term Contracts for routine goods and services. Moreover, to accelerate the delivery of goods without reducing the Company's Inventory Value, Elnusa also implements a Vendor Managed Inventory system, in which the Company provides warehouse space for business partners to be able to get their inventory stock closer to end-users.