19 April 2021

Strengthen Business, ETSA Launches Go Live Accomodation Work Barge Fiore

PT Elnusa Trans Samudera (ETSA) National Integrated Marine Support Services Company has successfully implemented Go Live Project Accomodation Work Barge Fiore For Well Intervention (WLI) Offshore (12/04).

In this activity, ETSA will support PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) which is part of Pertamina Subholding Upstream Regional 3 and also PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) as the holding company to maintain national energy security by implementing the Accomodation Work Barge For Well Intervention Offshore Contract in a period of three years.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, health protocols in each line of operation are maintained properly for each onboard personnel to prevent the spread of covid-19 and work accidents.

Through the AWB Fiore 270i for Well Intervention Offshore activity, ETSA is confident that it will add to its business portfolio in 2021 and further strengthen its marine support business lines going forward.


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