26 January 2023

Starting 2023 With Optimism, Elnusa Group Holds Annual Tax Meeting 2023

Jakarta, 25 January 2023 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) through the Strategic Tax Management Department in the Controller Division held the 2023 Annual Tax Meeting offline for 2 (two) days on Wednesday (18/01) and Thursday (19/01) at Graha Elnusa with Elnusa’s Subsidiary Tax Management and Joint Operation functions within the Elnusa Group. Annual Tax Meeting 2023 is an annual meeting held by the Strategic Tax Management Department every year with an agenda of one-year tax management performance results in reports, evaluation of tax management performance, to tax management strategy plans for the next period, and closed with the signing of a joint commitment to Elnusa tax management Group.

This Annual Meeting takes the theme "New Journey to Tax Excellence Performance" and is very appropriate to be used as a trigger for the spirit of optimism to face the new year 2023 on this occasion. This theme is closely related to a new way of working that must be smart, sincere, and thorough in facing a new journey in 2023 towards outstanding tax management performance so that it becomes a competitive advanced company.

The event was opened directly by Elnusa Director of Finance, Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja remarks said "Annual Tax Meeting 2023 at the beginning of this year was also the kick-off of the "Tax Corporate Parenting Program 2023" program which will implement corporation management as a strategic alignment effort to strengthen synergy Elnusa Group and standardization of tax policies to ensure the achievement of company targets.

Bachtiar added "To achieve the company's vision and mission in 2023, all Elnusa Officers, AP, and KSO within the Elnusa Group who are attending and participating in the 2023 Annual Tax Meeting are expected to:

1. Supporting the achievement of management targets related to Elnusa Group tax compliance;

2. Strengthen synergy and collaboration between finance and taxation functions related to tax optimization within the Elnusa Group, so that it becomes the company's competitive advantage;

3. Providing the best efforts to accelerate requests for refunds of Value Added Tax payments (Accelerated Tax Refund), to increase company liquidity; and

4. Ensuring the fulfilment of data and documents related to tax management within the Elnusa Group."

As additional information, this annual meeting was held in the context of implementing the Decree of the Board of Directors of PT Elnusa Tbk No. 010/EN/KPTS/005D/2022 dated February 2, 2022, concerning Management of Organizations Related to Corporation Management at Elnusa and follow-up of the strategic direction of Elnusa Directors at the Town Hall Meeting event on January 11, 2023. The holding of the 2023 Annual Tax Meeting is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of moral values, namely collaboration and trustworthiness, hopefully, in the future, it will become a template for sustainable activities in tax management in the Elnusa Group.

"Let's build Elnusa together to make it stronger and more qualified. This effort is not just one-sided responsibility, but the responsibility of all of us. Everyone can do that, so let's join our strengths, "concluded Bachtiar.

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