22 July 2021

Spread Bless, Elnusa Slaughter 167 Animal Sacrifice

Jakarta, July 22 2021 - Commemorating Eid al-Adha 1442H, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) held a symbolic event for the delivery of sacrificial animals online amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and responding to Emergency PPKM. This event is carried out in collaboration with companies located at Graha Elnusa, Elnusa Workers (commonly called Elnusa Officers), a subsidiary and in collaboration with the Baitul Hikmah Elnusa Foundation (YBHE). 

This year is the second experience for Elnusa in using the services of Slaughterhouse (RPH) as an effort to reduce crowds during the slaughter procession. Elnusa at this year's qurban also carried out the latest innovation, namely converting qurban animal meat into Beef Shredded which was processed according to sharia. It is hoped that this innovation will also activate the wheels of the economy in empowering home industries for processing shredded beef assisted by the Indonesian Zakat Initiative (IZI).

President Director of Elnusa, Ali Mundakir said “Thank God for the presence of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala, this year 53 cows and 114 goats have been handed over to RPH Murni Ciputat, IZI and several Elnusa Group operating areas throughout Indonesia. The qurban meat from the abattoir and shredded beef will also be distributed later to several locations throughout Indonesia.”

Ali added, "We are also proud of the contribution of Elnusa officers who remain active in sharing qurban during this Pandemic. Hopefully this qurban distribution will be a positive energy for our brothers and sisters throughout Indonesia and the communities around the operation area who are in need.”

Elnusa's President Commissioner, Agus Prabowo as well as Mudhohi, gave the exemplary message of the Prophet Ibrahim's Family. There is a philosophical essence in the history of sacrifice that we must always remember, the first is the essence of the obedience of a Prophet Ibrahim, the second is the obedience of a Prophet Ismail and the third is the stubbornness of a Siti Hajar. Of the three essences, they are very perfect and we can reflect together in our beloved Elnusa family.

Hopefully, through the momentum of Eid al-Adha this year, it can be an encouragement and become one of the wasilah for all of us to get convenience in ending this pandemic.*


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