Slickline Services

Innovative & Up-to-date Solutions

Elnusa has for more than two decades, provided Slickline services to support industry players engaged in Oil and Gas Industry. Slickline Services are the answer for various challenges for the more efficient and mobile oil and gas industry. The services provide innovative solutions and move dynamically to follow the current technological developments.

Slickline Elnusa boasts personnel with integrity, skilled, experienced supported by International Certification. This service helps the oil and gas industry players in maintaining wells, increasing production in various ways such as, setting and retrieving downhole tools, sand bailing and clean- out tubing, temperature and pressure survey, surface readout, memory production logging, installing and retrieving gas lift valve, open/close sliding valve, fishing Job, perforating job using mechanical perforator, swabbing for various sizes of tubing, leak detection and pulling pack-off, plug and abandon wells, and running the downhole camera.

One of Elnusa's achievements is managing more than 400 wells with various types of complex work such as fishing with a pulling weight of more than 5000 lbs, working on H2S wells of more 7,000 ppm, working on 75 degree slope wells. With exceptional experience and capabilities in terms of technology development, these services become the largest Well Integrity Solutions in Indonesia. Many large companies have used this service, including Pertamina Groups such as PEP-PHE-PHM, Petrochina, TEPI, Chevron, Mandala Energy and Seagull Resources Canada and Pertamina Geothermal Energy.