Simulasi Reservoir Study & Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Optimizing High Technology Production

This Elnusa’s solution is designed for industry players amid the increased difficulties in discovering oil & gas reserves in Indonesia, as most of the discovered ones have already been in production. In response to this challenge, one alternative is to find a way to extract the remaining oil, through Enhanced Oil Recovery. This can be done by using the EOR & Reservoir Study services provided by Elnusa. With this service, Elnusa offers excellent form of reservoir modeling and simulation created to optimize the Huff-and-Puff CO2 operation in limestone reservoirs. The results of the CO2 Huff-and-Puff simulation provide recommendations in the form of optimal parameter rates for injection and production, and soaking time.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology is Elnusa’s solution to support every oil business in exploiting oil and gas in Indonesia. EOR has the capability of increasing oil production using high technology. The scope of this service includes surveying well conditions, fluid and rock sampling, manufacturing of chemicals used, and going through a trial process before it can finally be applied in the field. With this service, Elnusa, along with Petrofin, have pioneered in carrying out Polymer Injection activities at Lapangan Tanjung.