27 April 2022

Sharing the Blessings of Ramadan, Elnusa Give Hampers to Local Society

Jakarta, April 28, 2021 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading national energy service company, in the midst of this blessed and blessed month of Ramadan, regularly carries out various spiritual activities both internally and externally. One of the external activities that was carried out was to share the blessings of Ramadan through the provision of compensation for orphans and poor people which was carried out in the Elnusa work environment.

The symbol of giving compensation was carried out in the courtyard of the Baitul Hikmah Elnusa Mosque (27/04). Attended by Elnusa Management namely Asmal Salam as Corporate Secretary of Elnusa, Agung Wahidin Wibisana VP of Human Capital Elnusa, M Bambang Soemitro Human Capital IR & Culture Advisor Elnusa, representatives of the Baitul Hikmah Elnusa Foundation (YBHE) and representatives of the ring 1 community of Graha Elnusa.

This program is an annual program conducted by Elnusa together with YBHE. At Elnusa sharing blessings this year, there are 350 give packages. Beneficiaries include Yatim, Piatu and community assistant by YBHE. "This program is part of our concern at the moment of Eid which will soon be carried out," said M Bambang Soemitro, Human Capital IR & Culture Advisor of Elnusa.

Jayanty Maulina, Acting Manager of Corporate Communications of Elnusa said “Through this activity, Elnusa wants the community around Elnusa's work area to experience the Company's contribution directly. This is also clear evidence of the Company's concern in providing benefits to the surrounding environment, because we believe that sustainable growth is reflected in the development of the Company which is able to grow in balance with stakeholders and the surrounding community. Hopefully this compensation will be one of the efforts to facilitate the Company's growth and benefit the community.

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