Shallow Water and Transition Zone Seismic Survey

Accurate and Efficient Survey

Elnusa is the first local company to develop survey services using this method since 2004. SW / TZ seismic survey is a solution offered by Elnusa for seismic surveys in shallow sea areas, transition zones to connecting the land. In delivering the service, Elnusa is supported by Ocean Bottom Cables (OBC) and Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN) recording equipment. OBN is a multi-component sensor that enables to record seismic data from direct waves and indirect waves (shearwave) in multi azimuth or wide azimuth. In addition, Elnusa has developed an automated deployment system, so that the process of expansion in OBN at the bottom becomes more accurate, effective and efficient and meets HSSE standards. This service is supported by the farfield nodal Z100 which can be operated to a depth of 300m. The scope of this service includes public relations, planning, to data acquisition. Elnusa has human resources with more than 15 years of Shallow Water and Transition Zone Seismic Survey experience.