Annual Pertamina Quality Award 2019 Elnusa Achieves Seven Wards

Jakarta, March 21, 2019 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) achieved seven awards at the Annual Pertamina Quality (APQ) Awards held by PT Pertamina (Persero), March 18-20 2019 at Office Pertamina, Jakarta. The event is an innovation award for the best performed by employees from different business units and subsidiary of Pertamina in the implementation of the four pillars of Quality Management. The theme of the event this time is “Quality Personnel Synergizes Business Innovation and Digitization to Respond to the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0″.

161 CIP groups participated in the APQ Awards this year. The competition also included 28 Expo CIP groups, 15 Breakthrough Projects, and 20 Initiative Strategies.

In this competition, Elnusa successfully obtained seven awards. Here are the awards:

 1. Special Recognition CIP Replication (Appreciation for efforts to replicate existing CIP results is used throughout the scope of the company’s operations)

2. Platinum Category CIP Award – PC Prove Laut Biru (Increased speed of the installation process of the modular crane unit boom through the manufacture of smart boom basket on the project modular crane.)

3. Gold Category CIP Award – PC Prove ECMA (Increased coaching and mentoring activities in the Elnusa environment using ECMA digital applications)

4. Gold Category CIP Award – PC Prove Gorong Gorong (Mapping of rock structures Padang toll tunnel project by using an alternative source of portable vibrating air gun)

5. Gold Category CIP Award – PC Prove Losmen (Preparation of personnel monitoring devices, in order to cope with missing persons on land seismic survey activities in remote areas)

6. Gold Category CIP Award – PC Prove Melisa (Innovation utilization of big data technology with media methods of data analysis)

7. Gold Category CIP Award – I Prove Isves (Efficiency the ship’s private positioning system with an independent vessel monitoring system based on IoT (Elves Tracking) at seismic marine projects)

CIP Elnusa was awarded the 2019 Award APQ already passed through various stages of competitions, ranging from internal competition to selection on Upstream Improvement & Innovation Awards (UIIA) 2018 Pertamina. This award is proof that Elnusa continues the culture of innovation and improvisation.