09 April 2021

Resilience in Pandemic ELNUSA Wins Award at the 2021 BUMN Anugerah Event

Jakarta, April 9, 2020. PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), again won an award at Anugerah BUMN 2021 as Second Place in Survival and Growth Strategy for the Category of Companies Tbk (BUMN and AP BUMN) in Jakarta (08/04). In the event, Elnusa's President Director - Ali Mundakir and Elnusa's Finance Director - Hery Setiawan attended to receive the award in person.

CEO of BUMN Track, SH Sutarto, said that the 10th year Anugerah BUMN 2021 which carries the theme "Strategy and Transformation in the Pandemic Period" is an event to appreciate the contribution of BUMNs that have shown their progress in transformation and superior strategies to survive during a pandemic.

Elnusa's Managing Director, Ali Mundakir said, "This award is the result of hard work and unlimited dedication of all Elnusa officers who always strive to maintain good performance and continue to grow in various situations including during a pandemic like this".

In 2020, Elnusa experienced triple shocks which posed enough challenges for the company's sustainability, namely the decline in world oil prices which resulted in a decrease in KKKS oil and gas activities, a decrease in national fuel consumption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and fluctuations in the rupiah exchange rate. Nevertheless, Elnusa with the advantages of a complementary business portfolio from upstream oil and gas services to downstream oil and gas services can still survive and produce positive performance.

Throughout 2020, Elnusa posted consolidated operating revenues of IDR 7.7 trillion. This consolidated operating income was contributed through the upstream oil and gas services segment at 53%, energy distribution & logistics services by 43%, and supporting services for 4%. In terms of consolidated gross profit, Elnusa recorded IDR736 billion, IDR431 billion operating profit and IDR249 billion net profit, with the contribution of net profit being dominated by the energy distribution & logistics services segment.

As a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) which is engaged in energy services with more than 51 years of experience, Elnusa's competences include upstream oil and gas services, energy distribution and logistics services, as well as supporting services. In general, Elnusa's strategy to continue to grow and be sustainable in the national and international oil and gas industry is to implement portfolio diversification to face various business challenges and seize various opportunities.

Ali added, “Currently, Elnusa is implementing a stability strategy and continues to improve its internal capabilities as a form of mitigation, adaptation and innovation to the various challenges of the VUCA in the oil and gas industry in the future. Some of these strategies include Operation Excellence, Optimization of Assets, Business Development, Value Creation and Strengthening Culture & Organization ”.

"In addition, in an effort to support national energy security, meet the production target of 1 million BPH, SKK Migas has launched four pillars including maintaining existing production, accelerating resources to production, implementing EOR and giant discoveries in the upstream oil and gas sector. For this we continue to be committed to providing the best total solution services. Synergize with the Pertamina group and others to participate in supporting the availability of domestic energy. With three core competencies we have, we believe we can fully support the fulfillment of the production target of 1 million BPH for this country ”. Close Ali.

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