26 July 2021

Reinforce HSSE Commitment, Elnusa Kick-Offs Implementation of LSR and Nearmiss Program

Jakarta, July 26, 2021. As an effort to improve work safety and security as well as preparedness to face risks, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) strengthens HSSE commitment through Kick Off Implementation of Life Saving Rules Program ( LSR) and Nearmiss.

The Kick-Off Implementation of the LSR Program and Nearmiss Reporting is one of the campaigns carried out by the Elnusa HSSE Division to increase awareness of Occupational Safety and Health for all Elnusa Officers to Top Management from each function that will be conveyed to the frontliner level.

The theme of this campaign is Safe Zone Position, after previously releasing a campaign with the theme of Personal Protective Equipment and Tools & Equipment. The safety campaign that is being rolled out this time is based on the results of work accident statistics at Elnusa's operations and until the end of the year there will be 5 LSR themes raised in this campaign program.

Senior Manager of HSE Operations - Agus R. Sutiawan said this Kick-Off is a campaign program that has been running since 2019 until now. During the next two months there will be activities carried out such as intensive socialization, installation of outdoor media such as posters in the work area, dissemination of campaign material in the form of videos, as well as implementation of identification of hazardous areas and preparation of hazard mapping.

“In addition, there is a Nearmiss Report program which is being conducted at the same time. Nearmiss Report is a near miss report where there is an incident that does not cause any casualties. However, if the situation changes a little, it will cause casualties. The program that is being rolled out cannot be carried out with a campaign if it is only for a month or two, but we must routinely and intensively carry out this campaign, of course, with the support of all lines and functions to achieve its goals,” closed Agus.

Through the Kick off implementation of the LSR program and Nearmiss Report, it is hoped that the potential hazards and risks related to the Safe Zone Position can be minimized and each individual is able to carry out appropriate mitigation so as to prevent incidents in the workplace.

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