27 April 2023

Reducing Carbon Emissions, Elnusa Takes Various Green Action Steps

Jakarta, April 27 2023, PT Elnusa Tbk, (ELNUSA IDX: ELSA), a leading energy services company that provides total solutions and is incorporated in Pertamina Upstream Subholding always pays attention to environmental aspects in its operations. This is in line with the green energy transition in Indonesia according to the roadmap towards Net Zero Emissions/NZE in 2060 or sooner. In addition to carrying out the company's operational activities, Elnusa also carries out various green action steps, one of which is through tree planting actions carried out by the company in various regions in the country.

Manager of Corporate Communications Elnusa Jayanty Oktavia Maulina, emphasized that in an effort to support the realization of national energy security, Elnusa does not forget the importance of the environment for the sustainability of the Company's business. Therefore, Elnusa has prepared a plan for the Company's operational activities as well as social and environmental responsibility (TJSL) that are environmentally sound. "Elnusa really cares about the future of the earth, for this reason various green action activities are routinely carried out by the company to assist the Government in decarbonization efforts in accordance with the Net Zero Emission target in 2060," said Jayanty.

He explained that throughout 2022 Elnusa had carried out many green action activities, especially in the form of tree planting. Elnusa recorded 38 tree planting activities last year. The types of plants and trees planted range from medicinal plants, ornamental plants, agricultural plants, fruit trees, to ketapang sandalwood trees and mangroves. In total, the area that Elnusa managed to green was around 37 hectares spread across various regions, starting from West Aceh, Gorontalo, South Minahasa, Sibolga, West Sumbawa, East Kutai, Bima, Kolaka, Kota Baru, Dumai, Palopo, Muna, Balikpapan, Central Tapanuli, Samarinda, Nias, Manggarai, Bengkulu, North Tapanuli, Makassar, Belitung, Tanah Bumbu, Mataram, Ogan Komering ilir, Toli-toli, Parigi Moutong, Kendari, Gunung Sitoli, Pangkal Pinang, Pare-pare, North Morowali, Padang , south tangerang, Minas, to Pekanbaru.

Apart from planting trees, other green actions carried out by Elnusa in the area around the Company's work area include providing plant seeds, plant fertilizers, pesticides, hydroponic installations, to green spaces to the surrounding community, including providing positive information to the community about the importance of protecting the environment. Various elements of society are also involved by the Company, from village/kelurahan officials, farmer groups, schools, to cooperating with Seasoldier, an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that actively invites young people to care about the environment.

For this year, until March 2023, Elnusa has taken several green action steps. Through its subsidiaries, namely PT Elnusa Trans Samudera (ETSA), PT Sigma Cipta Utama (SCU), PT Patra Nusa Data (PND), and PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), and by collaborating again with Seasoldier, Elnusa is helping to prevent abrasion by planting and conserving mangroves on the coast of Tanjung Pasir Beach, Tangerang, Banten. The total seeds planted by Elnusa from 2022 to March 2023 amounted to 4,490 seeds with an area that was successfully greened around 40 hectares.

"The green action activities carried out by Elnusa and its business units such as the mangrove planting action are expected to prevent coastal abrasion, support decarbonization efforts in anticipating climate change that is currently occurring. Through this action, it is hoped that the life and economy of the people around Tanjung Pasir Beach, which depend on marine products, will get better because of the support of a better marine environment," said Jayanty.

Jayanty added, in the future green action activities, especially through tree planting activities, will continue to be carried out by Elnusa and its business units in various regions throughout Indonesia. "Planting trees is the company's real step in creating a green and sustainable environment, realizing the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and is Elnusa's effort in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), especially goal 13, namely Climate Action and goal 14, namely Life Below Water," concluded Jayanty.

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