23 July 2021

Raise Innovation and Improvement Spirit, Elnusa Petrofin Held Sensational Idea Competition (LISA)

Jakarta, July 23, 2021 - PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) A subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (ELNUSA) has just held a program for internal employees, namely the Sensational Idea Competition (LISA) which has been rolling since April to July 16, 2021 ago.

LISA is a program initiated by QHSSE & QM EPN as a means for EPN officers to channel ideas that trigger creativity and innovation as well as improvement in continuously improving work processes that are excellence.

Elnusa's Corporate Secretary, Ari Wijaya said "Elnusa's Board of Directors and Management are very supportive and hope that through the LISA program, all EPN officers can channel their best work and ideas which can later be realized into breakthroughs that can spur increased production, profit, effectiveness, and system efficiency in Indonesia. company".

"Thank you to all officers who have actively participated and we congratulate the winners, LISA is one of the real proofs of a company that never stops making innovations and improvements in readiness to face digital competition in the future," added Ari.

Not only conveying appreciation and congratulation to the winners, Ari further hopes that all the innovations produced in this event can bring benefits. Both for participants, as well as companies within the wider scope of Elnusa Group.

After going through a rigorous selection and judging process, here is the list of LISA winners:

  1. FT BADAS - Improved Service to Gas Station Consumers by Installing "EP-SEAL" Safety Devices on Tank Cars
  2. Fakhrudin Iman - Making Pores in Tank Car APAR Houses
  3. Dept. Trans MKT - Improved Fuel/BBK Distribution Services to Gas Stations by Installing "Tickle" Safety Devices in Tank Cars.
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