Seismic Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is the major breaking-point for the success in exploration activities. Accurate data acquisition through the most reliable method will drive your business right from the start and thus generating strong result. Seismic is the most reliable method in the mapping of complex subsurface geological condition.

  • Expert in acquiring data in Lane, Marine and Transition Zone
  • Scope of services are Topographic Survey, Shot Hole Drilling and Seismic Data Recording
  • Excellent HSE Implementation & Community Handling In conducting seismic data acquisition, HSE aspect has always become our main priority since the method deals with a broad scope of the working area and employs a lot of manpower. In addition, we are also supported with excellent implementation of public relations activities that handle the permit and information dissemination. Our local know-how of community relations and local authorities’ engagement allows us to manage potential social issues and to conduct the process of seismic data acquisition very well.