Well Plug & Abandon

Decommissioning a well might become challenging when the solution is limited. Decommissioning a well must also be conducted in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner which sometimes proves to be more difficult than building a new one. In this regard, it is essential to employ a service provider that could provide customized solutions in well plug & abandonment (P&A) based on vast working portfolio in various circumstances.

Our experts will work closely with you to prevent any liabilities that may compromise the oil companies. Dismantling an abandoned well turns out to save more money than letting it to rust as an old junk. Moreover, oil companies also have to consider the potential social and environmental issues that may arise during the operations.

On location, the supervisors and field key personnel are equipped with extensive offshore safety training, blowout prevention and well control procedures to execute each job with a focus on safety and quality that ranges from:

  • Abandonment of the zone through installment of bridge plug or cement
  • Cutting and removing of tubing and/or casing
  • Installment of surface plugs
  • Removing surface equipment or minimal structures