Slickline has its own advantage compared to wireline. Its flexibility comes from the thin line usually used to place and recover wellbore equipment. In the first place, the slickline services could significantly increase the production and minimize the downtime. In addition, slickline also proves to be an effective solution to counter any downhole issue that often emerges when performing drilling in dynamic condition.

Slickline services have earned its places with the emergence of technological advancement such as Closed-Loop System. We are capitalizing on this advantage to provide you with extensive range of services particularly to monitor the wellbore condition. To this end, we provide our clients with the standard single or double drum set up, sophisticated heavy duty equipment, as well as braided line unit. The possibility is endless for you to acquire accurate data.

All things considered, slickline services could certainly support the oil companies to maintain high production and keep the operational cost at minimum simultaneously.

The Slickline Services cover:

  • Setting and retieve downhole tool
  • Sand bailing and clean-out tubing
  • Temperatur and pressure survey
  • Installing and retrieve gaslift valve
  • Open/close sliding valve
  • Fishing job
  • Perforating job using mechanical perforator
  • Swabbing for various size of tubing
  • Leak detection and pulling pack-off