Mud Logging & H2S

Mud Logging (“MLU”) services is a monitoring of drilling parameter to record all data parameter (depth, pressure and gas) in realtime. The result data is used to analyze for formation pressure prediction, formation evaluation of rock during drilling, giving forewarning of danger loss or gain of drilling mud, maintaining system of stuck pipe, noticing the gas or oil content immediately.

Data Management

  • Integrated Data Systems
  • Real-time Operations

Drilling Optimization

  • Digital drilling recorders
  • Hole-stability monitoring
  • Kick & Loss Formation Control
  • Mud Hydraulic
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Cutting Volume detection
  • H2S detection

Formation Evaluation

  • Advanced formation analysis
  • Formation cutting analysis
  • Quantitative Fluorescence Technique
  • Polarized Light Microscope with Digital Camera

Mud Gas Extraction and Detection

  • Extraction option
    1. Constant Volume Degasser
    2. Quantitative Gas Degasser
  • Detection option
    1. High Speed Gas Chromatography (C1 – C5 : 30 second)
    2. Mass Spectrometer (C1 – C12 : 90 second)
    3. Vacuum Mud Still

Mitigation Hazard

  • Early Kick Detection
  • Geopressure Consulting Services
  • Vibration Detection Analysis


H2S & Safety Services with years of field experience in petreleoum & geothermal industry by highly qualified personnel, on line monitoring system to support for Onshore(On-OffSite) & OffShore Drilling, production,Workover Rigs, Barges and confined space. Base on high end monitoring system which supported by real time printer and database, low pressure air storage alarm full controlled by computerized system.

Monitoring & alert System
High accurate Computerized monitoring system Multichannel Data acquisition up to 16 channels. Multigas detector detect on LEL, O2, H2S, SO2 Accuration and fast H2S personal detector 0-500 PPM Explostion proof H2 S sensor Explosion proof Alarm system, Sirine and flash lamp Wind Speed & Wind Direction

H2S Services

  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Breathing air systems
  • H2S Services personnel
  • H2S Training (Field & Classroom)
  • H2S Safety Services & H2S Contigency Plans
  • Rescue Team
  • Confined spaces (supervision & support)

Air Supply System

  • Air breathing compressor, capacity : 9 SCFM  (electric and diesel motor)
  • Cascade air storage with low pressure alarm
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus with NIOSH,MSHA standard consist of Rescue, working and escape unit.

H2S Equipment

  • Gas Detection
    1. Fixed gas detection
    2. Portable gas detection
    3. Wireless gas detection
    4. A full spare sensor & calibration
  • Breathing Apparatus Work safely in an IDLH atmosphere to work safelu in an IDLH atmosphere
  • Breathing Air Compressor Can fulfill from 7 to 11 scfm charging rate
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Breathing air tes kit
    2. Face fit testing
    3. Hand held pump detector  with tubes
    4. Radio communication breathing apparatus