Hydraulic Workover Services

Scope of Services :

  • Sand and scale clean out
  • Drill out cement and bridge plugs
  • Fishing lost tools out of tubing and casing operations Running and pulling completion equipment (single & dual)
  • Spotting cement and squeezing
  • Change  out ESP (electrical submersible pump)
  • Well plugged  and abandoned
  • Light milling operations
  • Brine filtration services

Our Faster Tripping & Moving with Skidding HWU 340K System:

  • This modified system from conventional HWU 340K allows tubular to be vertically racked  in dual stands.
  • Skidding system allows movement between wells without laying down the work string or disassembling the BOP stack.
  • Knock Down System  – Bolted
  • Beneficial  for large sizing platform e.g Tension Leg Platform (TLP)