Enhanced Oil Recovery

EOR, also known as Tertiary Recovery, can be defined as the third phase (tertiary) of oil production. EOR is usually conducted when a particular reservoir has shown a declining productivity, therefore further methods are required to improve the oil and gas recovery.\

Since implementing EOR is considered to be expensive, in-depth analysis is required to decide the best EOR method and formulation. Our dedicated team consists of multidisciplinary skills from Geologist, Geophysicist, Petrophysicist, Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Production Engineer, Surface Facilities Engineer, Chemical Engineer, and Economic Analyst. With their vast experiences, the three injection methods of EOR (thermal injection, gas injection, chemical injection) could be implemented perfectly to improve the production capacity significantly.

  • Support all reservoir simulation model (black oil, compositional, thermal)
  • Fast simulation performance
  • Fully interactive and user friendly simulation
  • Seamless supports and integration with existing industry format such as Eclipse, Tempest More, IMEX CMG
  • Affordable and competitive price
  • Friendly paralel licensing policy. No charge for your hardware (number of processor)