By striving for faster and more efficient process through efficient drilling and moving system, we work to ensure a seamless petroleum exploration from the first stage. Featuring high capacity of 1,600 HP, our Fast Deploy Modular Rig is considered to be the best drilling tool in Southeast Asia. It is particularly tailred to withstand the most extreme practices of vertical drilling and thus clearly outperforms the competition.

Our expertise has been recognized as the Drilling Service Company with Excellent Operation and Best Performance Safety Operation when handling Nilam & Badak field since 2009. Out capabilities : total footage of drilling depth 13,000 feet, average moving times 6 days/well and average drilling times 18 days/well, more than 62 wells have been drilled within 5 years.

Specification :

  • Electronic drilling cabin & auto driller feature by ROP or WOB as a primary control
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) system, provides better control, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost.
  • Rounded bottom mud tanks, minimizes settling and eliminate the need for mud gun.