Drilling Fluid

Drilling fluid services provide the measurement of the flow rate that indicates the level of safety and effectiveness of drilling operations, such as the detection of early warning on kick detection and ballooning along with mud flow rate. However, it is important to note that every resource has its own distinctive conditions and thus adopting one-size– fits-all principle would not be sufficient in solving the problem.

Our engineering services consist of two major services in Oil Base Mud and Water Base Mud. Our engineering team has more than 20 years of experiences that will become the axis in performing the services according to any specific demands, based on the dynamic circumstances in the field.

Our team will be stationed near the site to conduct real-time monitoring and laboratory research. The research is conducted with the support of advanced technology equipment and various chemical products. In addition, we have also developed a unique chemical product that intended for specific problem solutions. Our services are also supported with trusted supplier of raw chemical products that often used worldwide.

Armed with those major capabilities, we aim to be your trusted partner in performing thorough inspection on the drilling site to ensure the best method to achieve the designated target.

In drilling industry, overcoming challenges are vital to perform accurate measurement. Therefore, we always seek for the best solutions on any dynamic situations in plant site. Our services are particularty tailored to maintain effective drilling process and ensure safety