Product & Services

Elnusa’s business segmentation is currently covering 3 (three) categories namely Integrated Upstream Oil & Gas Services, Upstream Oil & Gas Support Services, and Downstream Oil & Gas Services. Oil & Gas Upstream Services are the core business and backbone of the Company’s operations, which consist of two main divisions undertaking businesses in data mapping services and seismic (geosciences) services, drilling services and support for the maintenance and management of oil and gas fields (oilfield services).


In Geoscience Services, Elnusa’s main activity is Oil & Gas Geophysic/Seismic Data Measurement Services. These services consist of 3 (three) business activities, i.e: Seismic Data Acquisition, Non-Seismic Data Acquisition, and Seismic Data Processing.

Drilling & Oilfield Services

As consecutive of Geoscience services, Elnusa provides Drilling & Oilfield Services. This services consist of 12 (twelve) business activities, i.e: Drilling, Hydraulic Workover Services, Coiled Tubing, Cementing & Pumping, Drilling Fluid, Electric Wireline Logging, Surface Well Testing & Drill Stem Testing, Mud Logging & H2S, Slickline, Operation & Maintenance, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Well Plug & Abandonment.

Downstream and Upstream Support Services

To give additional value for the customers, Elnusa provides downstream oil & gas services as other business segments. This action is undertaken by the establishment of subsidiaries. Detail of subsidiaries information is showed in subsidiaries pages.