28 March 2022

Prevent Dengue Fever, EER Conducted Fogging for Residents around Graha Elnusa

Jakarta, March 28 2022 – PT Elnusa Tbk (ELNUSA) has implemented Fogging or smoking as one of the CSR activities in order to foster social care for the environment at Ring Satu Graha Elnusa (26/3).

This fogging action was one of the effective ways that were done because it helped eradicate specific mosquitoes, namely Aedes Aegypti. In addition to breaking the chain of transmission, fogging also helped to reduce the risk of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD) in Indonesia.

Elnusa fogging has done for the East Cilandak area in three Neighborhood Association (RT) with a total coverage of 490 Heads of Families (KK). The Elnusa Emergency Response (EER) team helped in the implementation of this fogging.

Manager of Corporate Communications Elnusa - Jayanty Oktavia Maulina said some time ago the point of the East Cilandak - South Jakarta was flooded, although there have been no cases of Dengue, but this fogging action was carried out in anticipation of the emergence of DBD cases.

"In addition, doing 3M Plus Mosquito Nest Eradication (PSN) regularly, it is expected to help residents in the prevention of DENGUE, namely by: Draining water shelters, closing water shelters, reusing used goods that have the potential for mosquito breeding sites and pluses such as, planting mosquito repellent plants, regulating home ventilation lights, and using mosquito repellent," explained Jayanty.


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