30 December 2021

Practice on Emergency Response Preparedness, Elnusa Holds Fire Drill

Jakarta, December 27, 2021 – Suddenly a fire alarm sounded on every floor of the Graha Elnusa building on (17/12). The HSE team urges all building occupants to remain calm and immediately leave the activities being carried out. A number of employees headed to the Gathering Point (Master Point) which is near the Elnusa parking area, South Jakarta.

Apparently, there was a fire emergency caused by an electrical short in the KSO Room on the 2nd floor of Elnusa. When he smelled the pungent smell of smoke, the 2nd floor front liner reported the incident to Security who was on patrol. After a while, the fire quickly spread and the fire was successfully extinguished with the help of the Fire Department (Damkar).

The incident was part of a simulation of overcoming a fire emergency carried out by the Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE) and Property Management Elnusa Function. This is done to ensure the readiness of the Graha Elnusa emergency response team and building occupants when an emergency situation occurs.

Assistant Manager of HSE PMGA & Coordinator of HSE Subsidiaries, Zaki Muttaqin explained that Elnusa was ready and had adequate emergency response equipment. However, improvement is needed as an effort to improve in dealing with emergencies.

"In dealing with emergency conditions, we formed an Emergency Response Team (ERT) which has been equipped with training, then we will increase the frequency of emergency response exercises in order to strengthen the competence of the Emergency Response Team." Obviously Zaki.

In addition, the Manager of Property Management, Jumadi added that the building occupants had understood the evacuation route correctly. “During the evacuation process, the occupants of the building understood the flow well. This condition was created because all evacuation signages have been installed and are clearly visible,” closed Jumadi.

With Fire Drill, you can ensure that building occupants are familiar with the available evacuation facilities and infrastructure, evaluate the communication flow for the ERT team's preparedness, as well as the readiness of emergency equipment.

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