HWU & Snubbing Services

Support of Sophisticated, Effective & Efficient Equipment

Elnusa is the first local company to have a workover service in Indonesia. Elnusa has long been trusted to do this service. This service began in 1982 in Total Indonesia and has been operating in Unocal (Chevron East Kalimantan) from 1984 until the present. We are currently the market leader in HWU services in Indonesia. This service offers a small and lightweight footprint unit and is able to work in remote areas with limited space. HWU & Snubbing Services is Elnusa's commitment to providing solutions for industry players, especially in the field of oil and gas production. HWU & Snubbing Services is a service of providing equipment for well maintenance (workover or well intervention jobs), where this equipment is not only capable of pulling / hoisting but also able to snubb or press a series of equipment into the well. This service is for workover, recompletion, fishing, milling, cementing, stimulation and or other work that is commonly performed by conventional rig workovers. The advantage of this equipment is it can operate in intervention well.