Electric Logging Services

Oil and Gas Parameters Measurement Solution

Electric Logging Services is Elnusa's solution to all industrialists, particularly in the oil and gas parameters measurement field. We have over 29 years of experience in providing wireline logging services to PT Pertamina since early 1991 in Rantau. We are also registered as the first domestic company to provide Electric Wireline Logging Services. The service provides constant downhole measurement from petrophysics formation in the well by lowering a sensor/equipment using electric wireline, to help geologists, drillers, and other engineers making real-time decisions regarding the reservoir and drilling operation.

The scope of the service includes providing formation evaluation, well interpretation to help drilling and workover decision-making, for land and offshore operations. Our past clients that have used this service are Pertamina EP, PHE, JOB-PPEJ, JOB Talisman Tanjung, TAC Pertamina GWN Kruh, TAC PPTL, Tiarabumi Petroleum, KSO Axis Sambidoyong, KSO Energy Equity, KSO Foster - PD Migas Bekasi, KSO Santika Pendopo energy, TAC Goldwater TMT, KSO Cooper energy, KSO Indospec Energy Limau, Montd'or Oil Tungkal, just to name a few.