Petrophysical Analysis

Determining the Characteristic of the Integrated Reservoir

Elnusa’s petrophysical analysis service is a solution for industry players that require petrophysical parameters related to pore systems, distribution characteristics, and fluid flow to determine reservoir characteristics. The scope of this service includes wells analysis services ranging from the characteristics of the reservoir's layer to providing perforation interval recommendations. The scope of work of this service includes sampling, laboratory testing that is integrated with open hole log data analysis, so it can be applied in wells. This service is also supported by the Open Hole Log Standard data processing service and it is integrated with its business acquisition (EWLPP). This becomes Elnusa's added value that is realized through compatibility, flexibility, and competitive costs for clients. Elnusa's achievements in this service are realized with the following portfolio:

  • Petrophysical Analysis of Kusuma-01    Well
  • Petrophysical Analysis of Sinarmas-01 Well
  • Petrophysical Analysis of Falah-01 Well
  • Petrophysical Analysis of Falah NW-01 Well