20 September 2022

Pertamina's President Commissioner Visits Seismic Ships Elnusa ELSA Regent in Batam

Jakarta, September 20, 2022 – President Commissioner of PT Pertamina (Persero), Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) visited the expansion of oil and gas exploration activities through marine seismic surveys using the ELSA Regent, an Indonesian-flagged Seismic Vessel owned by a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), Batam, (05/09). The President Commissioner of Pertamina was present accompanied by the Pertamina Audit Committee Eddy F Sinaga, Pertamina Investment Monitoring and Risk Management Committee Mohamad Kadri and Yuni Rusdinar, and from Elnusa accompanied by Elnusa Commissioner Lusiaga Levi Susila, Elnusa President Director John Hisar Simamora, Elnusa Corporate Secretary Asmal Salam and PT Director Elnusa Trans Samudera Educate Purwanto.

Elnusa President Director John Hisar Simamora in his speech said “Thank you for the presence of Mr. Basuki who has accepted our invitation in order to provide views, strategic directions, and alternative solutions in managing ELSA Regent's existing assets. Indonesia is an archipelagic country surrounded by vast oceans, there are still 68 basins in Indonesian waters that have not been explored and we are ready to wait for further directions to contribute to the exploration of these unsurveyed basins. Since its maiden voyage at the end of 2016, ELSA Regent has worked on 13 projects both at home and abroad with excellent data recording results. The projects that have been carried out so far are clear evidence that Elnusa is very competent, superior, and trusted in seismic survey services." said John.

John added, "Through this visit, it is hoped that this visit will be a source of enthusiasm and also provide a bright spot for the sustainability of the prospects and the best solution for the future utilization of ELSA Regent in developing the capabilities of the nation's children through the only Indonesian-flagged seismic vessel, the pride of Pertamina and the National. We are also very optimistic that Regent's series of experiences so far will be a benchmark for Elnusa's ability as a leading national energy service company that no doubt contributes to supporting government programs in increasing oil production by 1 million barrels per day and natural gas by 12 billion standard feet. cubic per day (MMscfd) by 2030.” said John.

Pertamina's President Commissioner, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama expressed his appreciation for the achievements and contributions of ELSA Regent so far in oil and gas exploration activities in Indonesia. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to make a direct visit to ELSA Regent and will continue to encourage the Board of Directors to decide on solutions regarding ELSA Regent in the future. One of them is by conducting seismic tests on all basins in Indonesia to determine the potential of oil and gas resources in the territory of Indonesia.”

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