26 February 2016

Performance of 2015: Fundamental of ELNUSA Still Remained Steady in 2015

Jakarta, February 25, 2016 – PT Elnusa Tbk. (“ELNUSA”), one of the national leading providers of energy services, reported the Company’s performance throughout the year 2015 with positive achievements.

Year of 2015 was marked by fairly heavy industry challenges related to oil and gas activity downtrend due to declining world oil prices. Amid these conditions, by doing all best efforts to increase efficiency and effectiveness through changes in work methods and continuous innovation as well as the development of the business and penetration to new markets, the Company managed to suppress the decreasing revenue as low as possible and still booked profit growth. So along the turbulent year in 2015, the Company posted revenues of Rp3.7 trillion or fell 10.6% over the previous year.

The efficiency and effectiveness efforts supported with the transformation of the Company’s working methods and innovation might be seen from the declining in the percentage of cost of revenue of 81.99% in the previous year to 80.96% in 2015. The gross margin grew from 18.00% to 19.04%, while the operating income margin and EBITDA margin grew into a 12.45% and 19.56%. The Company’s profitability remains in stable position due to inseparable contribution from the Company’s subsidiary mainly PT Elnusa Petrofin which engaged in the distribution and energy logistics services which remained  good profitability in the current condition.

The Company’s net income fell 11.84% from Rp426 billion to Rp375 billion in 2015. However, if the net income did not consider the gain on sale asset in 2014 which amounted up to Rp87 billion, the net income in 2015 still grew 10.92 % with net income margin grew from 8.01% to 9.94%.

ELNUSA balance sheet structure shown steady position of cash which reached up to Rp935 billion and cash from operation amounted to Rp424 billion. Bearing debt position of the end of 2015 stood at Rp740 billion, which meant that ELNUSA has still in net cash position that shown remarkable condition which was not owned by other oil and gas companies in the industry today.

Based on the achievement in 2015, showing that the fundamental of ELNUSA still relatively steady compared to other competitors in the national oil and gas industry. Year of 2016 would be more challenging for all oil & gas players domestically and globally. However, supported by good track records as well as the right strategic planning, ELNUSA may well face the challenging awaiting in the next year.

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