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This is a service to perforate oil wells’ casing/liner by utilizing a shaped charge. This perforation will connect the casing/liner to the reservoir and create a passage between the pay zone and wellbore so that the oil and gas flow smoothly. We are the first domestic company to provide Well Perforating Services. Perforating is the solution to support industrialists’ activities, particularly in oil and gas sectors, and in drilling and well maintenance segment. The scope of the service includes providing all kinds of well perforating, such as electric wireline perforating, tubing conveyed perforating, underbalanced perforation, overbalance perforation, and other electric wireline services that use explosive charges like Bridge Plug/Cement Retainer, and Pipe Recovery (back-off string shot and tubing pipe/casing cutter). Our past clients that have used this service are Pertamina EP, PHE, JOB-PPEJ, JOB Talisman Tanjung, TAC Pertamina GWN Kruh, TAC PPTL, Tiarabumi Petroleum, KSO Axis Sambidoyong, KSO Energy Equity, KSO Foster - PD Migas Bekasi, KSO Santika Pendopo energy, TAC Goldwater TMT, KSO Cooper energy, KSO Indospec Energy Limau, Montd'or Oil Tungkal, just to name a few.