12 September 2022

Optimism of 'One Elnusa' on 53rd Anniversary for a Better Elnusa

Jakarta, 12 September 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) commemorates the 53rd Anniversary (HUT) (9/9). It was held from the Football Field, Graha Elnusa while still adhering to strict health protocols and was attended directly by Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) President Director Budiman Parhusip, PHE HR and Business Support Director Otto Gurnita, PHE Exploration Director Medi Kurniawan, Elnusa Board of Commissioners, Elnusa Board of Directors and Management, all Elnusa Group officers and online were also open to all Elnusa Group officers.

The big theme 'One Elnusa' with the sub-theme 'Change Collaboration to Exceed the Target' this year illustrates a transformational determination of officers to make changes as well as collaborate together in each of the Elnusa Group functions and show the extra mile spirit to do something more to surpass targets that have been set.

Pertamina President Director Nicke Widyawati in her speech wished all management a happy birthday as well as Elnusa officers. “53 years is not a short time, with consistent tenacity, Elnusa continues to be able to support energy security in the motherland. With the official status of Elnusa as a subsidiary of PHE, we hope that in the future Elnusa will be able to encourage greater growth in corporate value, focus on continuing to improve competence in existing business segments, and strengthen synergies to achieve the Company's long-term targets." Nicke said.

PHE President Director Budiman Parhusip also congratulated Elnusa on the 53rd anniversary. With conditions of uncertainty and significant changes in the energy sector that affect oil and gas companies, we must be responsive to our weaknesses and strengths so that they can be developed again. “PHE's share ownership of Elnusa is 51.1%, making Elnusa's position more strategic. Hopefully with this Elnusa can take advantage of it to pick up more shining opportunities.” Budiman said.

Elnusa's President Commissioner, Agus Prabowo in his speech also congratulated the Elnusa Board of Directors for the achievement in the first semester of 2022. “This achievement is a quick step in carrying out corrective action which is also fully supported by Elnusa officers. Communication between the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners has also been well established. Although challenges are unavoidable, hopefully Elnusa can continue to be optimistic about providing the best performance. United for 'One Elnusa'. Agus said.

Meanwhile, the President Director of Elnusa, John Hisar Simamora added that at the age of 53, Elnusa is still able to adapt and survive in the midst of the challenges. "Looking back at Elnusa's journey a few years ago, we need to reflect on the existence of Elnusa as an energy service company and re-evaluate the advantages of various services so that Elnusa will be more successful in the future. Strengthen your spirit, continue to take part and contribute to this country.” said John.

The series of Elnusa Anniversary events have been carried out since last August by holding Community Involvement Development activities in the fields of economy, education, health and the environment, such as action to spread benefits for children in need in the Tembilahan area, Indra Hilir, assistance to children with special needs, scholarships for officers' children. Elnusa's achievements, donations to orphans & poor people, mass circumcision at Talang Akar Pendopo, sharing sessions, blood donation actions, ELSA JOURNO, Mangrove planting, Elnusa Got Talent, and 5 sports that were competed at the Elnusa Olympic (EN-Lympic).

Hopefully this year it will be interpreted that all entities in Elnusa are one unit, have strong ties, need each other and absolutely must synergize.

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