22 August 2022

Opening Ceremony of the EN-Lympic Series Program at the 53rd Anniversary of Elnusa

Jakarta, 22 August 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) which will soon turn 53 years old, held the 2022 EN-Lympic Opening Ceremony at the Graha Elnusa Football Field (19/8). The opening ceremony, which was packed with Fun Aerobics, was attended by the Board of Directors of Elnusa and Directors of Subsidiaries as well as officers of the Elnusa Group. Elnusa Olympic (EN-Lympic) is one of the programs in a series of celebrations for this year's Elnusa Anniversary.

The EN-Lympic program aims to create collaboration and synergy between functions that have hobbies in certain sports. EN-Lmpic is open for Elnusa Group Officers to participate, but not all sports this year are open considering the Covid-19 pandemic situation has not yet fully recovered. The sports that will be contested are fun aerobics, fun bikes, basketball, table tennis, mini soccer, and fun fishing.

Elnusa President Director John Hisar Simamora in the event gave a speech expressing his gratitude for the participation of all colleagues for the excitement of this morning's event. "I am very happy to be present at the EN-Lympic opening ceremony. Again, I would like to remind all officers to pay attention to their health in participating in the EN-Lympic match. Build and maintain sportsmanship. Hopefully, Elnusa can be more advanced and can achieve the target this year”. John said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee for the 53rd Anniversary of Elnusa Dwika Pramono expressed his deepest gratitude to the participants who have given their time and energy to success the EN-Lympic opening ceremony. “This morning's aerobic event was attended by 175 participants and this is quite a number. We hope this will be a good start to the series of competitions before we move on to the main event in September. On behalf of the Anniversary committee, we hope for the support of all colleagues to enliven the event with the theme "One Elnusa", 'Change and Collaborate to Exceed the Target'". Dwika said.

The series of anniversary activities that are currently being and will be held are virtual drawing and coloring competitions for the children of Elnusa Group officers, virtual got talent, Elsa Journo chapter 3, and special sharing sessions. As a form of the company's concern for community development, Elnusa also held blood donation activities, charity, benefit sharing, scholarships for children of outstanding workers, and reforestation. The peak event will be held on September 9 at Graha Elnusa which will be enlivened by well-known Indonesian Guest Stars.

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