Management RigBarge Position & ROV

Total Barge Position & ROV Solution

Through the Geoscience Reservoir Services (GSR) Division along with its business unit Marine Survey Services (MSS), Elnusa provides a total solution for well drilling planning, construction of offshore platform or submarine pipeline facilities, jetty construction and other offshore works using Geophysical (Analog & 2D Hires Seismic) and Geotechnical survey methods. In addition, Elnusa GSR offers advanced services in construction or exploration activities, as well as the best services on RIG/Barge Positioning. This is the provision of services for managing Rig/ Barge positions and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations in the pipeline installation survey. The service is supported by experienced and certified human resources as well as the latest technology of survey equipment to achieve optimal results. This service has been used by several large companies such as Pertamina E&P, Total Indonesia E&P (PHM), CNOOC SES Ltd (PHE OSES), PHE ONWJ, Premier Oil, Petroleum Conduct, Medco E&P, EMP Kangean, Petronas Carigali, KNOC Ltd.