LORA device

Accurate & Informative Data Transfer

Data transfer and monitoring technology continue to grow, especially with the internet that can be accessed by anyone. Elnusa is here to answer the challenge by developing an Internet of Things (IoT) product called Elnusa LoRa device. LoRa devices are used to retrieve data from sensors that are used for data retrieval. Then, the data will be connected to the server and then processed in the LoRa Server platform so that the results can be displayed in an accurate and informative dashboard. The advantages of the LoRa device developed by Elnusa are that it has a signal transmission distance of up to 47 KM, can operate at 65 degrees Celsius, and has a battery life of up to 7 (seven) years. Currently, the LoRa device has been used by Elnusa Group for various needs ranging from tracking systems to smart meters as an important tool in supporting its business activities.