10 June 2022

Let's care for each other! Elnusa Holds Blood Donation Action

Jakarta, June 10, 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) again held a routine Blood Donation Action, on Thursday (09/06), at the Graha Elnusa Building, South Jakarta. This time it was held to celebrate World Blood Donor Day (HDDS) which is celebrated on June 14 every year. The year 2022 HDDS commemorates the theme "Donating blood is an act of solidarity, join and save lives".

The theme means that blood donation is a sign of someone showing a sense of brotherhood and having a sense of commonality to be more productive which is done together with the aim of saving lives.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) South Jakarta, this activity was held as a form of implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program and a form of community service to help others in need.

With the enthusiasm of donors who are quite high, this agenda can run in an orderly, smooth manner and prioritize health protocols starting from the screening queue, taking blood until the event ends. The donors who came were not only from Elnusa employees, but also from the Pertamina Group and also from the general public.

Elnusa's Corporate Secretary, Asmal Salam, hopes that with the regular Blood Donor Action activities, Elnusa can always make a positive contribution to aspects of Health in Indonesia.

"In addition, we would like to thank PMI South Jakarta, blood donors, and all parties who have been involved in this implementation. Hopefully the donor's sincere intentions can be a blessing and get a good return, and of course very useful for people in need." Said Asmal.

The Event Coordinator, Aswin Saputra, informed that the blood donation activity resulted in 132 bags of blood from 153 registrants. There were 21 potential donors who failed to donate their blood due to reasons they did not pass the health screening.

The 132 bags of blood collected will be distributed to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) blood transfusion unit.

By donating blood, it can increase the sense of social awareness of Workers, Pertamina Group, Work Partners, and the community to increase their sense of concern and share with others. In addition, blood donation is also beneficial for health, including improving blood flow to prevent arterial blockage, lowering the risk of heart attack by 88 percent and minimizing the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

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