Annual & Sustainability Report

Annual Report 2019
Journey To Bring National Capacity
AR ELNUSA 2019 (compressed)

Sustainability Report 2019
Sustainable Effort For National Capacity
SR ELNUSA 2019 (compressed)

Annual Report 2018
Reinforcing Method, Breaking New Record
AR ELNUSA 2018 (compressed)

Sustainability Report 2018
Building Shared Sustainabilty
SR ELNUSA 2018 (compressed)

Annual Report 2017
Stabilizing Growth In a New Challenging Equilibrium
AR ELNUSA 2017 (compressed)

Sustainability Report 2017
Innovation and Balance for Growth
SR ELNUSA 2017 (compressed)

Annual Report 2016
Resilient in Enduring Performance with Integrated Services
AR ELNUSA 2016 (compressed)

Annual Report 2015
Vanquishing Challenges Through Ingenious Improvements
AR ELNUSA 2015 (compressed)

Annual Report 2014
Internal Strengthening & Product Redefining
AR ELNUSA 2014 (compressed)

Annual Report 2013
Human Resources Reinforcement for Growth Readiness
AR ELNUSA 2013 (compressed)

Annual Report 2012
Turnaround for Performance Improvement & Sustainability
AR ELNUSA 2012 (compressed)

Annual Report 2011
Dynamic condition of macro-economy and oil & gas industry as well as internal operations have provided great challenges in the middle of the striving to dedicate the best results.
AR ELNUSA 2011 (compressed)

Annual Report 2010
Concerning the long-term strategies of the Company, strengthening business structure is a strategic step for delivering high and sustainable growth performance.
AR ELNUSA 2010.pdf

Sustainability Report 2019 Sustainability Report 2019.pdf