Whistleblowing System

  • Whistleblowing System is provided by the Company to provide guidance to personnel of Elnusa and stakeholders in handling of complaints about matters relating to violations or irregularities code of ethics, law, standard of procedures, management policies, and other rules are deemed necessary, which can be harmful and / or harmful PT Elnusa Tbk such as losses of financial, environment, working conditions, the organization’s reputation, stakeholders and other.
  • In order to have an effective whistleblowing system, transparent and reliable, the Company has made policy that is sourced to the company’s core values and in accordance with the principles and practices of good corporate governance.
  • This policy applies to all personnel of Elnusa either employees, subsidiaries, partners and all those acting on behalf of Elnusa.

Whistleblowing Criteria:

  • Reportable:
    • Corruption/Embezzlement
    • Theft
    • Cheating/Fraud
    • Bribery
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Immoral behavior
    • Act of breaking the law and  Company Regulations
  • Reporting Mechanism:
    • Reporting person should include a clear identity.
    • If the reporting person does not give any identities, the reporting person should include evidence of the reported violations.
    • No punishment will be imposed on the reporting person when the breach does occur, except if the person concerned is also involved in these ethical violations and/or its report is not true or contains defamation.
    • Confidentiality of the reporting person will be maintained unless:
      • The disclosure thereof is required in relations to the reporting or investigation conducted by the authorities.
      • The disclosure thereof is required to maintain the position of ELNUSA in front of the law.
    • Not intended as a mechanism to deliver personal grievances.

Reporting Media

  • Telephone: 021.788.30850 ext 1623
  • WBS Center: https://whistleblower.elnusa.co.id/
  • Gift Reporting Disclosure Form (attached)
  • Gift and Entertainment Presenting Form (attached)
  • Letter: PT Elnusa Tbk, Graha Elnusa 16th Floor, Jalan TB Simatupang Kav. 1B Jakarta Selatan (Corporate Secretary)


  • This system automatically maintains the personal information of the reporting person.
  • The company will only focus on the cases reported